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William H. Collins Interview, 18 March 2014

William H. Collins, successful architect, spends a lot of time discussing the various projects he worked on throughout Cleveland. He begins, however, talking about growing up in Cleveland Heights, a place where he spent 84 years of his life. He recalls going to the Euclid-105th area and spending time at the movie theaters there. He also talks about the streetcars and how he would take them downtown. He remembers how he became an architect, and he continues by talking about his favorite projects…

William Collins Interview, September 22 2006

William Collins, who grew up in Cleveland Heights, worked as an architect in Cleveland throughout most of the second half of the twentieth century. In this 2006 interview, Collins discusses his work on Euclid Avenue and shares his thoughts on other aspects of Cleveland's development. After describing his youth in Cleveland Heights, Collins briefly describes the various buildings he has worked on along Euclid Avenue, from Downtown to University Circle. He also offers his opinion on Cleveland's…

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