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Leslie Cade interview, 17 September 2008

Leslie Cade, archivist at the Cleveland Museum of Art, discusses the life of Jeptha Homer Wade I and Jeptha Homer Wade II and their impact on University Circle and the Cleveland Museum of Art. There are also discussions of Spiritual Philosophy and the Wade families other philanthropic works.

Oliver Seikel interview, 12 August 2011

When Oliver Seikel was five years old, his newly widowed mother moved to Cleveland for work. He occasionally went to the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Hall growing up, but he summered with his grandparents and attended boarding schools. However, Seikel does note the different businesses that came and went from places like the Elysium, mentions the art museum's lagoon, and going to breakfast at Wade Park Manor. He continued his education at a string of institutions including MIT. When he…

Ursula Korniechouk Interview, 28 March 2014

Ursula Korniechouk, a native of Germany, describes her life in Germany and the experiences she had in Cleveland. Growing up during World War Two had a tremendous affect on Korniechouk. Her father was outspoken against the Hitler regime, and her mother was concerned that he would be apprehended by the authorities. She came to Cleveland because of her husband, and she quickly became acquainted with the racial divide in Cleveland. She was shocked at how people could be so racist in a country that…

Joseph O'Sickey interview, 21 June 2006

This oral history with artist Joseph O'Sickey covers a number of topics, including recollections of events in 20th century local and national history, personal experiences as a soldier (World War II), artist, and educator.

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Walter Leedy interview, 19 July 2006

Walter Leedy, professor of Art at Cleveland State University, discusses WPA art in Cleveland, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the importance of architectural preservation.

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