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Dr Edward Jackson Interview, 01 July 2008

Interview with Dr Edward Jackson who is a senior advisor to the CEO at University Hospitals--primarily involved in championing diversity efforts at the system. Jackson relates how growing up in the Central neighborhood inspired him to work towards addressing disparities in healthcare. He discusses the role Case Western Reserve University, has played in attempting to bring diversity to the medical field in the area, and the history of these efforts in Cleveland. He also talks about health…

Leroy Brown Interview, 14 July 2013

Leroy Brown grew up in a sharecropping family on a North Georgia plantation in the 1920s-30s before moving to Atlanta, where he worked as a waiter. After serving in World War II in the South Pacific, Mr. Brown returned to Atlanta before moving to Cleveland. In Cleveland he found work as a bellhop at Haddam Hotel in the Euclid-East 105th area and then began a long career at Fisher Body in Euclid. He recounts the geography of black businesses on Cleveland's East Side and tells of personal…

Eleanor Cannaday Interview, 14 July 2013

Eleanor Cannaday grew up in the Cedar-Central neighborhood and lived in Springfield, Ohio, and Tuskegee, Alabama, during World War II as a newlywed. She returned to Cleveland after the war, and her husband worked as a contractor who built houses and did bricklaying in the eastern suburbs as they opened up to African Americans. She tells interesting stories about sewing class at Central High School, rollerskating at Pla-Mor, seeing big bands play at Trianon Ballroom, watching the decline of…

Christine Branche Interview, 31 July 2013

Christine Branche describes growing up in Cleveland. She also discusses moving in with her husband and the troubles that she underwent in the 1960s. She was a college-educated woman with tremendous drive and passion. She recalls how she was on the student council in nearly every year of her schooling from middle school through college. She eventually found herself in the Ludlow community and has been there ever since. She shares a tremendous story about attempting to secure a housing loan, but…

Russell J. Toppin Sr. Interview, 19 June 2013

Toppin was born in 1940 and grew up in the Cedar-Central and Glenville neighborhoods. His grandparents came to Cleveland from Georgia during the Great Migration, and his paternal grandfather started Majestic Cab Co. His father worked at the TRW plant in Euclid. He recalls the "Gold Coast" entertainment venues along East 105th Street, including in the Euclid-East 105 area, in the 1950s-70s and Motown artists who played the clubs. He describes the racial transition in the area as one from…

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John Anthony Boyd Interview, 2008

John Anthony Boyd, a Cleveland-born social worker and political activist, discusses changes in the Central neighborhood since the late 1950s. Boyd was honored by the 5th Disctrict Police Department (Cleveland, Ohio) with the award for Dedication to Citizens. Interview is cut short at about 9 minutes.

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Fred and Anna Marie Johnson Interview, 2008

Fred Johnson and Anna Marie, long time Cleveland residents discuss growing up in Cleveland as African-Americans. Fred, a former Cleveland policeman, discusses racial discrimination faced by African-American policemen from the 1950's through the 1970's, the Black Shield Officer's Association and National Black Police Association. Anna Marie describes the Cedar Central neighborhood, shopping and movies, streetcars, and layout of neighborhood now known as Fairfax. Other topics include the positive…

John Grabowski Interview, 28 April 2008

Dr. John Grabowski, professor of history at Case Western Reserve University, and historian at Western Reserve Historical Society, details the changes that have occurred in the University Circle since his undergraduate days in the late 1960's; the rise of the medical centers, new housing and the new immigration to the area. As a history major at Western Reserve University in 1969, he describes life as a commuter student during the late 1960's and early 1970's, including anti-war activities, and…

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Carol Malone Interview, 6 February 2013

Carol Malone, a current Central resident, recalls her past growing up in Glenville and Shaker. She describes her family life and what predominately African American neighborhoods were like at a young age and compares them to today. Also, she describes the businesses and the people who lived in the Central neighborhood and either the businesses or buildings that still exist today.

Carlyle Garner Interview, 30 April 2013

Carlyle Garner shares his memories of growing up in Central and talks about the types of businesses and places for entertainment he used to go to while living in the neighborhood.

Frank Kidd Jr. Interview, 25 February 2013

Frank Kidd Jr., born in 1935, has lived in Cleveland his whole life. His parents were originally from the South (Alabama and Mississippi) but moved to Cleveland to seek refuge from harsh racism. Kidd lived most of his childhood with his grandmother, as his father served in the Army. He recalls many aspects of his childhood and teen years. Kidd is a strong advocate for the Cedar-Central area and aims to improve the neighborhood through his various influential programs. In 2010, the mayor awarded…

William Merriman Interview, 21 April 2010

William Merriman is the Deacon at St. Patrick’s Church on Bridge Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. He talks about his upbringing and what brought him to Cleveland. He also discusses his involvement in neighborhood development.

Brenda Taylor Rosario Interview, 14 April 2010

Reverend Brenda Taylor Rosario talks about her childhood growing up in the Central Neighborhood, and her family connections with the community. Rosario has worked with the city of Cleveland in cleaning up the neighborhood since the 1970s, and now is heading the community orchard being built on East61st and Quincy Avenue.