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John Lonsak interview, 08 June 2017

John Lonsak, the former Executive Director of the Cuyahoga County Library, discusses the evolution of the library profession. He goes into detailed accounts of how libraries were managed, when he first started in the field, in the 1970s. He then uses those examples to show how library systems have became more sophisticated. Lonsak also acknowledges how transformative the passing of bond issues, heightened community engagement, the digitization of materials and records, as well as theā€¦

Michael DeAloia interview, 28 April 2014

Michael DeAloia is the former "Tech Czar"/Senior Director of Technology Development in the city of Cleveland and the author of "Lost Cleveland." He shares in knowledge of Bond's Clothing Store, the department store that was known for its $15 two-piece men's suits. DeAloia also discusses "Short Vincent," a small stretch of road from E 6th to E 9th street known for the nightlife and entertainment. He also discusses the downfall of Bond's and of Short Vincent in general during the late 1960s-1970s.

Mike Schipper interview, 16 October 2008

Mike Schipper, project director for the Euclid Corridor Project, discusses the aesthetic design of the Euclid Corridor Project, technology to help increase traffic flow, and working with local artists to develop the Integrated Art Program. Schipper also discusses the work being done for the Historic markers, work done with Cleveland State University, and the overall impact the Euclid Corridor Project is expected to have, both economically and aesthetically.