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Father Andras Antar and Bob Pergert Interview, 2011

St. Elizabeth's of Hungary was formed in 1892. The parish acted as not only a place for the members of the congregation to seek spiritual guidance, but also acted a place for people to socialize. St. Elizabeth's of Hungary also had a school that opened in the 1920s, but was eventually closed in 1961.

Father Anaras Antal and Robert Purgert Interview, 2011

This is an interview conducted with Father Anaras Antal, Pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and Robert Purgert, Parish Council Chairman. A little background is given about Father Antal and then the history of St. Elizabeth since the 1890s and the founding pastor Father Karolyn Boehm . The church was built in 1893. Construction of a school followed and had an enrollment of 1114 students by 1918. St. Elizabeth was the first Hungarian church in the United States. The next part of the interview…