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Michael DeAloia interview, 28 April 2014

Michael DeAloia is the former "Tech Czar"/Senior Director of Technology Development in the city of Cleveland and the author of "Lost Cleveland." He shares in knowledge of Bond's Clothing Store, the department store that was known for its $15 two-piece men's suits. DeAloia also discusses "Short Vincent," a small stretch of road from E 6th to E 9th street known for the nightlife and entertainment. He also discusses the downfall of Bond's and of Short Vincent in general during the late 1960s-1970s.

Anonymous Interview, 2010

A lifelong Clevelander discusses his memories of the Short Vincent area in downtown Cleveland and a few of the establishments throughout the surrounding area. From his earliest memories of visiting the Roxy Burlesque House in his teens to his final memories of the area, the life of Short Vincent and its decline are discussed. Among the establishments referenced are the 730 Lounge, the Roxy, and Jean's Fun house.

Mary Anne Auner Interview, 2010

Cleveland resident Mary Auner discusses her memories of Short Vincent and the surrounding neighborhood as a young adult. The Roxy, Theatrical Grill, and Jean's Fun House are discussed as well as the East 9th Street Pier. Suburbanization is discussed as the leading factor for Short Vincent's demise.