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Michael DeAloia interview, 28 April 2014

Michael DeAloia is the former "Tech Czar"/Senior Director of Technology Development in the city of Cleveland and the author of "Lost Cleveland." He shares in knowledge of Bond's Clothing Store, the department store that was known for its $15 two-piece men's suits. DeAloia also discusses "Short Vincent," a small stretch of road from E 6th to E 9th street known for the nightlife and entertainment. He also discusses the downfall of Bond's and of Short Vincent in general during the late 1960s-1970s.

Steve Dimotsis interview, 09 June 2008

In this 2008 interview, Steve Dimotsis (b. 1952 in Greece) describes his life, Cleveland's Downtown scene over the years, and his experiences owning and managing Otto Moser's Restaurant. Mr. Dimotsis talks about the history of the restaurant--its founder, immigrant Otto Moser, and the original location of the restaurant on East 4th Street across from the Cleveland Opera House. Dimotis also describes the celebrity photo collection of Otto Moser, a part of which he owns today. Dimotsis, who grew…

Georgia Pappas Interview, 6 October 2002

In this short interview, Georgia Pappas, a first generation Greek immigrant, discusses her early memories of Cleveland. She recalls going to the West Side Market, visiting department stores, and shopping at boutiques on East 6th Street. She never knew of Cleveland's Cultural Gardens until 1996. Ms. Pappas discusses her first visit, why she was there, and who she was with. The interview ends with a discussion about her love for both Greece and the United States.

Hedvika Sfiligoj Interview, 29 March 2005

Hedvika Sfiligoj, a Slovenian immigrant who came to Cleveland in 1952, discusses her life throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Ms. Sfiligoj discusses where she worked and shopped, who she befriended and met, and where she sent her children to school. Other topics include Euclid Avenue, how Cleveland has changed, coming to the United States, and living in Slovenia as a child. She describes her early memories of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, vandalism within the gardens,…