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William Gruber Interview, 16 July 2010

Interview with William Gruber who is the son of the founder of Gruber's Restaurant in Shaker Heights. He offers his recollections and family stories about the popular, upscale restaurant, which the family owned throughout the 1950's.

Maurice Abood interview, 01 April 2016

Maurice Abood, Vice President of Aladdin's Baking Company, explains how the business came into being in Cleveland, OH as well as his immigration to Cleveland from, Aitaneet, a village in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. He details his transfer from working as a bartender at the local Sheraton hotel to establishing one of the most successful businesses in pita bread making and Lebanese cuisine in the heart of Cleveland.

Tommy Fello Interview, 11 April 2012

Tommy Fello, owner of Tommy's in Coventry, discusses growing up in Cleveland Heights and starting his drug store/restaurant. Fello discusses the supportive community in Coventry, the history of the neighborhood, and his move to solely selling food at the Tommy's that exists today.

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Brendan Ring Interview, 24 July 2012

Brendan Ring describes being the owner of Nighttown in Cleveland Heights. He begins with a discription of his history, the history of the building, and a history of the establisment. He also discusses previous owner John Barr. He talks about his favorite acts that passed through Nighttown, which included big names like Wynton Marsalis and Stevie Wonder. He also talks about the challenges of running a restaurant in a building not made for restaurants. He recalls how the restaurant was and still…

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George Dixon III Interview, 24 July 2007

George Dixon III, owner of the Lancer Steakhouse on Carnegie Avenue, discusses the restaurant's history, including under the previous ownership of Fleet Slaughter, and its importance to the African American community. Mr. Dixon discusses the other African American establishments in the Midtown area prior to his ownership, including Corner Tavern, Leo's Casino, and Art's Seafood. Dixon recounts change and continuity in the Lancer's menu, as well as how the Midtown area has changed over the years.…

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Carl Robson Interview, 12 July 2006

Carl Robson discusses his experiences as a doctor in Cleveland and elsewhere as well as his deep interest in Ethiopian culture and people. He has lived and worked in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood for several decades. Additionally, he discusses his philanthropic endeavors such as providing housing, jobs, and educations for numerous Ethiopians as well as running an Ethiopian restaurant here in Cleveland.

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George Fisher, Jr. Interview, 2011

George Fisher and his wife grew up in Peninsula, Ohio, where they both lived for the rest of their lives. George's father purchased Fisher's Restaurant in the 1950s, which George's younger brother Richard eventually took over. George's wife, Florence, grew up on the Garvey/Ross property, now run as the Spicey Lamb Farm by Laura DeYoung (another interviewee). George provides valuable information about the Village of Peninsula and community life in the valley, as well as how the landscape has…

Richard and Theresa Dembowski interview, 17 October 2015

Interview recorded during Prosperity Social Club 10 year anniversary event. Richard and Theresa Dembowski (son and daughter in law of Stanley Dembowski) talk about Stanley’s acquisition of Hot Dog Bill’s in 1938, how the name “Dempsey’s Oasis” came about, the pub’s early days, and their experiences before and after talking over the restaurant when Stanley retired in 1967. See also the accompanying document: Richard Dembowski. "Our Family Tremont History," October 2015.

Greg and Jacquie Dembowski interview, 17 October 2015

Interview recorded during Prosperity Social Club 10 year anniversary event.
Greg and Jacquie Dembowski—son and daughter of Richard and Theresa Dembowski—describe their experience growing with their family's business, Dempsey’s Oasis. In addition to living next door to Dempsey's, they joined other members of an extended Dempsey’s family in running and maintaining the restaurant. From their perspective, restaurant and home were often indistinguishable.

Margot Glinski Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, Margaret Glinski, manager and co-owner of Frank Sterle’s Slovenian Countryhouse, discusses her memories of this famous Cleveland landmark. Ms. Glinski is an immigrant from Germany, who came to Cleveland and who initially worked at the Hofsbrau House across East 55th Street from Sterle’s. She worked 16years at the Hofsbrau House before she and her Italian boyfriend bought Sterle’s 18 years ago following Frank Sterle’s death. She talks about the menu—which she describes as…