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Robert Arnold interview, 25 October 2016

Originally from Massachusetts, Robert Arnold discusses growing up during the Depression. He moved to Cleveland to be closer to his wife's family, who were longtime Clevelanders. Arnold actively served in World War II and explains in detail his involvement in the war. After the war Arnold became involved in the real estate business. He speaks to the integration of Cleveland neighborhoods. He enjoyed being involved in the local government and was elected Mayor of Cleveland Heights.

Ellen Gerber Interview, 27 September 2013

Ellen Gerber, a judson resident, discusses her life. She recalls how she went from a shy reserved child to a boisterous socialite at the hands of Uncle Walter. She also relates her travels as a single woman from Cleveland to Washington, D.C. to San Francisco and back. She spends a great deal of time talking about the love of her life, her husband, Jack Gerber. She mentions being a member of the Skating Club and having friends that were members of other prominent, private clubs in Cleveland. She…

John and Betty Ochi Interview, 25 Aug 2006

Betty and John Ochi discuss their stories of life in California following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Each recounts the paths their lives took as they were forced to leave their homes, take what they could, and relocate to internment camps. Life within these camps is discussed in detail as well as the process of readjusting to life on the outside. They paths and stories finally joined after separately coming to Cleveland.

Sadie Tami Yamane and Eva Hasheguchi interview, 25 Aug 2006

Sadie and Eva discuss their experiences being Japanese Americans in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Taking turns answering the questions posed to them, they discuss their removal from California for life in the internment camps, what childhood was like there, and how they finally were permitted to leave. They later discuss the compensation approved by the government for their wrongdoing. The 442nd Volunteer Combat Unit of mostly Japanese American soldiers is covered near the end.

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Ed Ezaki Interview, 31 July 2006

Ed Ezaki, a Japanese American who spent his early childhood on the west coast, discusses how the events of December 7, 1941 shaped his life, that of his family, and all Japanese Americans in the U.S. after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Forced to leave the world he knew, his family was removed from their farm in California, his grandfather was sent away to a camp, and they began to run from the law. Ed then recalls how they were found, sent to a camp in Arizona, and how his time there was spent.…

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