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Donna M. Whyte interview, 2018

Donna M. Whyte speaks about the importance of the education system in Shaker Heights, specifically Moreland, to her decision to move to and remain in Moreland. She also discusses the importance of community and identity in this interview.

Timothy Hudak interview, 22 March 2017

Tim Hudak, author and publisher of eight books about high school football, talks about his experience in the writing and publishing industry. As a graduate of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, he began by documenting local games and researching school football histories. He specializes in writing school-specific stories but expanded his research to trace the history of Cleveland's high school football championship, The Charity Game. In the interview, Tim highlights the stories of local…

Lilian Pyles interview, 14 April 2014

Lilian Pyles is the sister of Majorie Pyles-Hearst. Lilian was her older sister. They moved to Cleveland from Kentucky, and later on in her life she moved to NYC. She moved back to Cleveland in her later adult years.

Gladys Martinez interview, 16 January 2014

Gladys Martinez, originally from Guatemala, describes how she made a life for herself in Cleveland after arriving in the United States when she was only ten. Martinez took advantage of the educational opportunities that the United States offered. Her traditional cultural and family values kept her focused on the future and her personal betterment. Martinez's story highlights how education transforms lives regardless of ethnic backgrounds.

Phillip Mengert interview, 19 May 2011

Interview with former Bay Village High School principal Phillip Mengert with wife Donna. 1964 - 1987 (est). Life long Bay Village residents. Early years. Teacher strike. Growth and new buildings, transitions.

Richard Baznik interview, 18 June 2008

Richard Baznik, University Historian at Case Western Reserve University, provides a detailed history of the development of the university and describes how the school responded to various national and local events and movements. He notes CWRU's relationship with other cultural and educational institutions in the area.

Geoffrey Mearns interview, 16 June 2008

Geoffrey Mearns, the Dean of Cleveland Marshall College of Law and Louise Mooney, the communications coordinator stitch together the past, present, and future of Cleveland's public school of law. Mearns, explains what is on the horizon for the law school in terms of community engagement. Mooney provides the history of the law school and how that history has affected the schools present. The Marshall College of Law excels in providing a diverse, well-rounded, and accessible law education for…

Mary Ann Early interview, 2006

Mary Ann Early was born in 1923 to Italian immigrant parents. Her father relocated to Cleveland for work. She describes growing up on Herman Avenue near Detroit Avenue and going to West High School. The neighborhood was predominately Italian, Irish, and Romanian at the time. She shares her remembrances of downtown Cleveland including shopping, theatres, the YWCA, and riding the streetcars. In addition, Early lists the places she worked including the Terminal Tower, the Department of Veteran's…

Minerva Primes interview, 01 September 2006

Minerva Primes was born on a farm in small town in Georgia. She was reared in the church. At an early age, Primes developed a nuanced understanding of racial discrimination and segregation. She was well-educated and became an advocate for education. She discusses her experience working as a teacher, including working with white colleagues, her teaching method, and how black and white students interacted.

Rose Agnes Bastian interview, 2006

Rose Agnes Bastian was born in Cleveland in 1926. She grew up on Cory Avenue off of East 79th Street and later settled in Brook Park. She describes her neighborhood surroundings, going to St. Agnes Parish School, traveling around downtown on the streetcar and explains how the Depression and wars have affected her family. Bastian vividly describes what she and others did for fun while growing up in the area and compares the family dynamics of her youth to today.

Ann Nelson interview, 07 July 2006

Ann Nelson, who came to Cleveland in 1965, provides a fresh account of growing up on the East Side of Cleveland and her experiences as an African American woman in Cleveland. She describes changes in the urban environment over time and the racial divisions that have remained constant throughout. As a teacher, Nelson offers her opinions on the state of primary and secondary education in Ohio, as well as the lack of investment Cleveland puts into African American children.

Mitchell Balk Interview, 02 July 2008

Interview with Mitchell Balk, the President of the Mt Sinai Healthcare Foundation. Balk discusses the history of Mt Sinai hospital, including the kinds of research and innovative procedures it pioneered. He also describes several philanthropic programs the hospital is involved in. Balk also touches on the challenges the healthcare system faces. He also briefly includes his impressions of Jewish history in Cleveland.

Blanche Kirven Interview, 16 June 2010

Interview with Blanche Kirven primarily about her memories of the Hough riots. As a teacher in the area at that time she is particularly interested in relating the educational aspects of Hough.

Irene Burkheart interview, 27 October 2016

Irene Burkheart grew up in Cleveland and was from a family of Polish immigrants. She attended Flora Stone Mather College and soon became a teacher. Her life was dedicated to teaching, tutoring and raising her six children. She raised her family in University Heights. The later part of her life was spent traveling with her husband across the United States in their own airplane and flying around the world with the People to People Program. She spends a considerable amount of the interview…

Robert Brooks Interview, 13 August 2013

Robert Brooks, a resident at Judson Place, gives a detailed description of his early life. He discribes his various homes and the neighborhoods they were located in. He also remembers nuanced details about the schools he went to A.J. Rickoff and Hazeldell. He recalls his time in college and what he did after college. Then after working for Cleveland Public Schools for many years, he retired and gained all kinds of freedom and volunteer opportunities. He concludes by talking about the various…

Dorothy Kuhn Interview, 25 March 2014

Dorothy Kuhn, while not born in Cleveland, has spent nearly fifty years in Cleveland. She was born in Pennsylvania and describes what it was like picking up cans for the war effort during World War 2. She came to Cleveland after stints in California and St. Louis to become a nurse. She got her degree from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and was immediately hired to be on the faculty of the school. She mentions her husband and how they were active members at Grace Lutheran Church until…

William H. Collins Interview, 18 March 2014

William H. Collins, successful architect, spends a lot of time discussing the various projects he worked on throughout Cleveland. He begins, however, talking about growing up in Cleveland Heights, a place where he spent 84 years of his life. He recalls going to the Euclid-105th area and spending time at the movie theaters there. He also talks about the streetcars and how he would take them downtown. He remembers how he became an architect, and he continues by talking about his favorite projects…

Zelda Segal Interview, 25 March 2014

Massachusetts native, Zelda Segal discusses what it was like teaching at Boulevard School in Cleveland Heights for over thirty years. Segal gives a background of her life growing up during the Great Depression and attending college during World War 2. She then gives the reasons why she came to Cleveland; along with teling the story about how she got a master's in education. She worked for the Cleveland Heights school district for thirty years and relates many of those experiences. Integration…

Mary Kay Howard Interview, 21 August 2013

Dr. Mary Kay Howard describes growing up in Cleveland with a major disability. She begins by talking about the neighborhood she grew up in, and what she did as a child. She describes how she was moved around in the school system to accommodate being blind. A disability that did not seem to hinder her because she eventually received her doctorate in history from the University of Pennsylvania. She also talks about the problems that faced her for being a woman trying to get a Ph. D, which at times…

Elizabeth Bohn Interview, 25 March 2014

Elizabeth Bohn, while Pennsylvania born, grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio. She recalls what it was like in that town, especially what she did for fun. She then went to Oberlin College where she spent time after she graduated and returned there to work. After a stint in Kentucky and again at Oberlin, she found her way to Cleveland where she worked on several projects like bussing, helping with a special education project, and work for WVIZ. After work, Bohn would indulge in all of the cultural…

Anne J. Cook Interview, 21 March 2014

Anne J. Cook, New York City native, took residence in Cleveland Heights beginning in 1951. After moving around Cleveland Heights, she and her husband finally settled in the Oxford School district where she remained for fifty years. She was involved with the League of Women Voters as its treasurer and was the first woman trustee of Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights. Due to her husband's job as a geologist, she and her husband created the Mineralogical Society of Cleveland where she is still an…

Donna McIntyre Whyte Interview, 24 May 2013

Donna McIntyre Whyte is a Cleveland native, born in 1948, and grew up in the Glenville neighborhood, and then later on to the Mt. Pleasant area. Her father taught her and her sister many domestic and handy skills such as how to work on cars. She lived close to her grandparents, close enough to walk their alone as a child. Her grandparents have interesting stories, and she appreciated them and spent a lot of time with them. She does not recall any distinct instances of segregation, but does…

Russell Baron Interview, 28 June 2013

Russell Baron grew up in Glenville before moving to Cleveland Heights. His father owned a haberdashery, a men's clothing store, where Baron worked during high school and college. Baron became a lawyer and worked in his father-in-law's practice before starting his own law practice. He was a member of the Cleveland Heights Board of Education and later, the Planning Commission. While in city governent, Baron worked to integrate the Cleveland Heights schools despite the protests of some residents.…

Dianne R. McIntyre Interview, 31 May 2013

Dianne McIntyre was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland and grew up in Glenville early on and then moved to the Mt. Pleasant area with her mother and father on East 141st Street. Their family was the first black family on the block, although her father grew up around the corner. She recalls the onset of white flight and the neighborhood changing from white to black. She talks about how her parents made sure they had substitutes for things they could not do because of their race. She recalls…

Dorothy Silver Interview, 26 July 2013

Dorothy Silver, a Detroit native, describes what drew her to Cleveland. She says that Cleveland was calling her because it was "receptive to various changes that needed to be made." She and her husband began used the theater as a stage to talk about desegregation. She discusses interracial shows at the time of the Hough Riots in 1966. She also discusses fair housing and mixed neighborhoods. She found it surprising that in her experience the people of Cleveland Heights were generally accepting.

Robert P. Madison Interview, 11 June 2013

Robert Madison was born in Cleveland. However, his family moved to Selma, Alabama, when he was six months old Their because his father could not find employment in his area of study due to his being African American. Madison eventually returned to Cleveland and attended East Tech High School where he developed his interest in architecture. When he graduated from East Tech, he moved to Washington, DC, to attend Howard University. After three years he joined the ROTC and went to fight in Italy…

Donalene Poduska Interview, 24 June 2013

School activist Donalene Poduska, originally from Kentucky, describes her life and achievements. She gives a background of her education and what brought her to Cleveland. She describes her husband and the various places they lived together. She became involved with the PTA and anti-blockbusting tactics. She goes into great detail on the various projects she instituted and was involved with during her work with the schools.

Margaret Peacock Interview, 7 August 2013

Margaret Peacock grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Her father worked for the railroad and her mother was a homemaker. She went to Wittenberg University were she met her husband Larry. They married when they were juniors. Peacock describes her involvement with organizations for black students at Wittenberg. After college, the Peacocks moved to Cleveland and were teachers in the Cleveland School District. Larry was hired to teach in Cleveland Heights, so they moved. Margaret Peacock taught at Fairfax…

Renee Harrison Interview, 20 June 2013

Renee Harrison grew up in Glenville in the 1950s-60s. After graduating from Glenville High School, she attended Cleveland State University beginning in 1969. She began teaching in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district in 1974 and moved to Cleveland Heights the following year. She was a founding member of the Heights Alliance of Black School Educators and spends considerable time describing this stage of her career.

Gerald Hughes Interview, 21 June 2013

Gerald Hughes is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a town that was majority white. He went to a Mennonite school in Indiana and through a volunteer program gained his first experience in the city of Cleveland. He initially hoped to work in the steel mills but they were on strike when he arrived in the city. Hughes was not fond of his first trip to Cleveland as it was a cold, wet day in March. His wife worked at Standard Oil and when he first moved to the area he moved by the place he…

Emily Peck Interview, 2 April 2008

Emily Peck, retired school principal, born and raised in Memphis, came to Cleveland in 1950. She relates her experiences as an African-American woman living in Cleveland in the 1950's. Race relations in the 1950's were not overtly troubled, but Peck describes the rise of resentment as African-Americans attempted to move into immigrant neighborhoods. Peck notes lack of opportunity for African-Americans, the emphasis on education amongst middle-class blacks, and their perseverance to create and…

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Geoff Mearns Interview, 14 June 2012

In this 2012 interview, Geoff Mearns talks about growing up in Shaker and moving back. He spent his high school years in Shaker Heights in the 1970s, and then moved back to raise his kids there. His mother was on city council and then became the first woman to be mayor in Shaker Heights. He talks a little bit about her, as well as his father's involvement in desegregation in Cleveland Schools. Mearns also discusses changes taking place in Shaker today, especially the widening socioeconomic gap…

Annette Tucker Sutherland, 12 June 2012

In this 2012 interview, Annette Sutherland describes her childhood living in Shaker Heights. Being one of the first students to volunteer to integrate Moreland School in Shaker in 1971, she grew up with a very open mind. She tells stories of activities she did as a child, involving Horseshoe Lake, Thornton Park, and Shaker Square, among others. As the current president of the school board, the importance of education, diversity, and tolerance are many recurring themes in her talk. She finishes…

Venerine Branham Interview, 28 June 2006

Venerine Branham, an educator and school administrator in the Cleveland area, talks about growing up in Cleveland housing projects. Throughout the interview, she talks about childhood friends and neighbors Carl and Louis Stokes. Other notable topics included in the interview are desegregation, busing, and the Hough uprising of 1966. At the end of the interview, she reflects on her teaching career and the pleasures of working with children.

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Carol Malone Interview, 25 February 2013

Carol Malone talks to a high school class about her past and present experiences as a Cleveland resident. The interview is more of a question and answer session with Malone and the students. Along with the students asking questions, Malone also gives them advice that she followed which helped her have a successful school career.

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Joe Lesko Interview, 21 April 2010

Joe Lesko grew up in Cleveland. He lived in the Collinwood area most of his life. He taught at Collinwood High School and recounts the changes in the school and neighborhood during his tenure there. He retired in 1979 and moved out of the community. Joe talks about the racial tensions felt at Collinwood High School and how the National Guard was called in to deal with it in 1968. He fondly remembers some of the students he taught and his own high school basketball coach who mentored him and…

Nancy A. Somnitz Interview, 20 September 2014

In this short interview, Nancy Somnitz recalls going to Fenn College (later Cleveland State University). She went in with desires to be a chemistry educator, but ended up teaching a wide array of subjects to elementary schoolchildren through to high school students. She talks about her co-op experiences and concludes by talking about what she did after school.

Vida B. Lock Interview, 28 July 2014

This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Vida Lock has been a member of Cleveland States nursing faculty since 1978 and is the current Dean of The School of Nursing. A native of Cleveland, Lock attended Villa Angela before enrolling at St. John's College of Cleveland where she earned her BSN. She than attended Kent State University and was soon recruited to teach Continuing Education courses at Cleveland State. In this interview…

Jearl Walker Interview, 01 October 2014

Jearl Walker is a professor in the physics department at Cleveland State University, joining the faculty in 1973. Walker is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and attended MIT in Boston for his undergraduate studies. After graduation he enrolled at the University of Maryland where he earned his PhD and landed a book deal for his technical report titled, The Flying Circus of Physics. Walker became well known for his unorthodox teaching techniques that have involved walking on hot coals, dipping…

William Shorrock Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, William Shorrock (1941-2007), a retired Cleveland State University official, discusses the history of Cleveland State University during the period 1969-2005, including the development of new programs and new buildings on campus during this time period. Professor Shorrock, whose undergraduate degree was from Dennison University, obtained a PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin in 1968 and was hired by Cleveland State University in 1969 as an assistant professor…

William Becker Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, William Becker, University Archivist for Cleveland State University, discusses his career as an archivist at CSU since 1974 and also talks about the history of Fenn College. Mr. Becker points to his retrieval of the President's records from Fenn College as one of his most memorable accomplishments as CSU's Archivist. Mr. Becker has also taken oral histories of many professors and administrators from Fenn College. Mr. Becker describes how YMCA technical college at E.22nd…

Father John McNulty Interview, 2011

This interview is with Father John McNulty, Pastor of St. Ann Parish, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The first part of the interview details the history of St. Ann and how it was a spin-off of St. Thomas Aquinas. There is also discussion of the founding pastor, Father John Mary Powers and how he pushed for a new church including his presentation of several plans. Powers also obtained materials for the church and had a great deal of influence on the design and layout of the Parish including St. Ann…

Jack Bialosky Sr. Interview, November 6 2006

Jack Bialosky Sr. grew up in Cleveland Heights and has worked as an architect in Cleveland since the early 1950s. In this 2006 interview, Bialosky talks about running his own architecture firm in the city and some of the projects he has worked on, elaborating on issues surrounding his firm's work in building houses in Shaker Heights. Bialosky describes the historical development of Cleveland's Euclid Avenue and offers his take on other parts of the city's development, addressing mistakes made on…

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Robert Madison Interview, 01 August 2006

In 1954, Robert Madison started Robert P. Madison International Inc., Ohio's first architectural firm started by an African-American. In this 2006 interview, Madison discusses the challenges he faced as a black man trying to become an architect and the discrimination he faced at various points in his life. He describes serving in World War II and coming back to Cleveland, where he successfully challenged racial discrimination at Case Western Reserve University, graduating with a degree in…

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William Morris interview, September 25 2006

In this 2006 interview, Cleveland architect and Shaker Heights native Bill Morris discusses the evolution of Cleveland, particularly Euclid Avenue, throughout the twentieth-century from an urban development perspective. He shares childhood memories of Euclid Avenue and laments the decline of Euclid Avenue's Millionaires Row and downtown movie theaters. Morris also points to missed opportunities such as the 1948 Downtown Subway Plan and mistakes like the Erieview Project, while offering…

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Richard Horton Iinterview, 4 October 2006

Richard Horton, longtime Director of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center, talks about the history of the Center and describes in detail many of the educational programs, public events and fund-raising campaigns, staff development programs, and conservation campaigns carried out by the Center during his tenure. Additionally, Horton offers his own insights on environmental education and parks management. Interview contains biographical information.

Barbara Morgan Interview, 30 June 2006

Barbara Morgan of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center discusses the history of the Shaker Lakes; the history of Center; and the history of the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Morgan's involvement with the Shaker Lakes Nature Center was inspired by her desire to educate students and other citizens about environmental issues. Interview contains biographical details about Ms. Morgan and details about programming at Shaker Lakes Nature Center, as well as insights on educational pedagogy, public…

Nora Skillern Interview, 2006

Nora Skillern, a member of the Shaker Lakes Women's Committee (Friends of Shaker Lakes), discusses her personal experiences and philanthropic roles at the Shaker Lakes Nature Center. Skillern details fundraising campaigns for the Center, and credits her interest in outdoor recreation to her background as a child growing up in England, where she visited metropolitan parks and learned to garden. Skillern also discusses working for the English colonial government in Africa during the era of…