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Nancy Phillips interview, 29 August 2008

Nancy Phillips, owner of Guarino's restaurant, and her friend Rosemary discuss Little Italy, the Feast of the Assumption, and how the neighborhood has changed. They discuss how Little Italy's reputation is exaggerated, the history of the Alta house, and historic Little Italy.

Bert Saltzman interview, 15 July 2008

Burt Saltzman, the owner of Dave's Supermarkets, illuminates why the neighborhood supermarket is still essential to Cleveland. Through the years, Dave's has remained a fixture in Cleveland. Dave's achieved this by providing customers with the not-forgotten personal touch to service of a by-gone era. Saltzman describes how Dave's has grown and expanded through the years and by doing so offers a new perspective on how the neighborhoods in Cleveland have changed and developed.

Richard Brhel and Anthony Piazzo interview, 15 July 2008

Anthony Piazza, the Director of Paralegal Services at Myers University, praises the practical curriculum and atmosphere that Myers University offers its students. The dedication of the non-traditional students and professional staff harbor a superb downtown university experience for those searching for a business school education. In the second half of the interview Richard Brhel, the Director of the Library at Myers University, is introduced. Brhel provides the history of the Myers University,…

Richard Baznik interview, 18 June 2008

Richard Baznik, University Historian at Case Western Reserve University, provides a detailed history of the development of the university and describes how the school responded to various national and local events and movements. He notes CWRU's relationship with other cultural and educational institutions in the area.

Christopher Hubbert interview, 18 June 2008

Christopher Hubbert grew up in Cleveland Heights and describes the area. Throughout his adult life he has lived in Forest Hills and he discusses the development of this neighborhood. He discusses the community atmosphere inherent in the Forest Hills neighborhood, which he attributes to strong resident associations.

Sharon McGraw interview, 11 June 2008

Sharon McGraw details the history of the League of Women Voters, both nationally and locally. She describes her role in the organization and discusses the struggle for women's suffrage.

Wydell Kucera and James Seman interview, 10 June 2008

In this 2008 interview, Wendell Kucera and James Seman, two members of Euclid Beach Now (formerly Euclid Beach Nuts) talk about their memories of Euclid Beach Park and their efforts to keep alive the memories of the Park in Cleveland. Kucera and Seman both grew up in the neighborhood surrounding the Park, and both recalled the sounds of the Park in their neighborhood. In this interview, each talks about his personal experiences at the Park from the 1940s until the Park closed in the 1960s. They…

Steve Dimotsis interview, 09 June 2008

In this 2008 interview, Steve Dimotsis (b. 1952 in Greece) describes his life, Cleveland's Downtown scene over the years, and his experiences owning and managing Otto Moser's Restaurant. Mr. Dimotsis talks about the history of the restaurant--its founder, immigrant Otto Moser, and the original location of the restaurant on East 4th Street across from the Cleveland Opera House. Dimotis also describes the celebrity photo collection of Otto Moser, a part of which he owns today. Dimotsis, who grew…

Bernadette Rose interview, 09 June 2007

Bernadette Rose describes the importance of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to the Detroit Shoreway community. She describes the festivals at Mt. Carmel, which were geared toward generating neighborhood unity and raising funds to keep the church open. Rose describes the changes in the neighborhood and believes that the neighborhood is again on the rise. She attributes the decline of the area to gang activity and a lack of family values.

Ruth Dancyger and Sue Koletsky Interview, 02 July 2008

Ruth Dancyger, historian of Temple-Tifereth Israel, and Sue Koletsky, director of the temple museum, discuss the history of Temple Tifereth Israel at E. 105th Street in Cleveland, OH. Among the topics covered in depth are the history of Jews in Cleveland, the history of Zionism, the career of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, including his role at the synagogue and the important part he played in the early Zionist movement, the art and architecture of Temple-Tifereth Israel, the Coventry neighborhood…

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Dr Edward Jackson Interview, 01 July 2008

Interview with Dr Edward Jackson who is a senior advisor to the CEO at University Hospitals--primarily involved in championing diversity efforts at the system. Jackson relates how growing up in the Central neighborhood inspired him to work towards addressing disparities in healthcare. He discusses the role Case Western Reserve University, has played in attempting to bring diversity to the medical field in the area, and the history of these efforts in Cleveland. He also talks about health…

Juanita Ortiz interview, 2007

Juanita Ortiz shares stories of living on the west side of Cleveland after moving to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood from Puerto Rico in 1960.

Henry Loconti Interview, 21 March 2006

Henry Loconti grew up in the Italian immigrant neighborhood on Scovill Avenue on the lower Eastside. He talks about his youth growing up in this area. After he got out of the army in 1954 he started working for his brother servicing jukeboxes. He talks about the music spots around the city during this time. In 1966 he started the Agora which over time became a nationally recognized music venue. Loconti talks about some of the rock stars who appeared at the Agora over the years.

Stan Jaffe Interview, 03 March 2008

Stan Jaffe, a native of Queens New York, and former CFO at Judson Manor, recounts the history of Judson and the unique concentration of cultural institutions within University Circle. He briefly discusses some of the negative perceptions of University Circle that may affect patronage of the area. He describes some of the direct effects that the loss of manufacturing has had on the Cleveland area, such as the deterioration of commercial districts including; downtown, Shaker Square and East 105th…

Ted Sande Interview, 16 April 2008

Ted Sande, former Exectutive Director of Western Reserve Historical Society (1981-1993) and Board Member at University Circle Incorporated, discusses his experiences with Cleveland's east side cultural district. Sande describes his work at the Western Reserve Historical Society, including institutional history, various projects and artifacts, details on strategic and financial planning initiatives, and infrastructure improvement. He describes changes in grant distribution and fund raising in the…

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Larry Rivers Interview, 04 March 2008

Larry Rivers, lifelong resident of Glenville, discusses growing up in Glenville during the 1950's and 1960's. He describes the self-contained nature of Glenville and the importance of churches to the community. Rivers relates the change in racial make-up of the neighborhood, the gradual shift towards an all African-American population and the decline of neighborhood businesses. He notes the change in African-American attitudes following the Hough and Glenville riots. This change contributed…

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Virgil Brown Interview, 16 April 2008

Virgil E. Brown Sr., resident of Cleveland Heights, moved to Cleveland in 1929 at age twelve. Brown relates his experiences growing up during the Depression, including local schools, baseball games and the availability of part time jobs. Schools and ball teams were racially and ethnically mixed, and he does not remember much racial tension at that time. Brown discusses the changes in shopping habits; the shift from local shops and downtown stores to malls and big box stores, and the loss of…

John Grabowski Interview, 28 April 2008

Dr. John Grabowski, professor of history at Case Western Reserve University, and historian at Western Reserve Historical Society, details the changes that have occurred in the University Circle since his undergraduate days in the late 1960's; the rise of the medical centers, new housing and the new immigration to the area. As a history major at Western Reserve University in 1969, he describes life as a commuter student during the late 1960's and early 1970's, including anti-war activities, and…

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John Pavelich Interview, 19 March 2008

John Pavelich, Chief of University Circle Police Department, has worked for the department since the 1970's. He describes how private police departments are organized, and specifically talks about the history, funding, procedures, and concerns of the UCI police, as well as their working relationship with the Cleveland Police Department. UCI police, act as "ambassadors," to the public in the University Circle area, reducing crime by educating the public in safety issues. He describes the police…

Rose Strauss Interview, 24 July 2007

Rose Strauss, owner and operator of ten buildings in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor, discusses her professional life in the area. Ms. Strauss, former president of Leader Electric, decided to go into the real estate business in the early 1980s. She discusses why she decided to get involved in urban real estate, security issues, marketing issues, and her attraction to Downtown real estate. Other topics include her personal and family history, perceptions of Cleveland neighborhoods, and the changing…

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Jim Egan Interview, 24 July 2007

Baseball historian Jim Egan discusses the history of baseball in Cleveland. He discusses the early architectural features in the city, including horse hitching posts, flat-roofed housing, and chimneys. He discusses the creation of the modern game, baseball clubs (both locally and nationally), amateur baseball, and the formation of city leagues. He also discusses the connections between baseball and ethnicity, civic boosterism, local ballparks, and labor unions. Other topics include the…

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Barney Taxel Interview, 24 July 2007

Photographer Barney Taxel discusses his role in the development of Cleveland's Midtown Corridor from a public relations perspective. He discusses the formation of Midtown Cleveland (formally Midtown Corridor Incorporated) and his role in developing a better public perception of the area, focusing on his relationship with the public relations firm, Edward Howard & Company. He also discusses the importance of development, marketing, and the appeal of the area. Other topics include personal…

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Bruce Higley Interview, 24 July 2007

Bruce Higley discusses the Albert M. Higley Co. and its involvement in Cleveland and the city's Midtown Corridor. Over the past eighty two years (as of interview date) the Albert M. Higley Co. has built many of Cleveland's buildings; most notably the Cleveland Coast Guard Station, the Greyhound Bus Station, and the Red Cross Building. The company has also been involved in many of the buildings at Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland Clinic. Mr. Higley…

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Mark Kotora Interview, 8 August 2007

Mark Kotora, Vice President of the Gust Gallucci Co., discusses the company's history and philosophy. An Italian grocery store located in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor, Gallucci's began in 1912 as a fruit vending company. Forced out of the downtown area by Cleveland's Gateway Project, the store moved into Midtown in the mid 1990s. Kotora discusses personal memories while working at Gallucci's, including interacting with customers, and immigrant stories. He also discusses Gallucci's customer…

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