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Maria Agosto interview, 31 July 2017

Maria Agosto, president of the Young Latino Network and an academic adviser at Lincoln West High School, grew up in the West Boulevard neighborhood on Cleveland's West Side. She explains how the Puerto Rican and Hispanic community on the Near West Side, specifically in the Metro West area (Stockyards, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre) is affected by various social and economic issues, including impending gentrification, the lack of a strong Hispanic professional culture, and the inadequate…

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Maria Agosto Interview, 20 September 2014

In this brief interview, Maria Agosto discusses coming to Cleveland State University (CSU) and pursuing a degree in Urban Affairs. She mentions how happy she is with the transformation of Euclid Avenue, and she is very impressed with the progress that CSU seems to be making. She continues by talking about other renovations within Downtown Cleveland.