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Robert Cavano interview, 03 August 2004

This 2004 interview with Robert Cavano touches on a number of topics, including the history and operations of the City Club of Cleveland, and local history and politics.

Hilton Smith interview, 08 August 2006

The Reverend Hilton Smith discusses the history of the City Club of Cleveland, the mayoral administration of Carl Stokes, and the civil rights movement in Cleveland.

Steve Bullock interview, 09 August 2006

This 2006 interview with Steve Bullock deals with the history of the City Club of Cleveland as well as various local and (inter)national issues.

Dick Pogue Interview, 24 July 2006

Dick Pogue, a lawyer in Cleveland, describes his positions at Jones-Day and at the City Club. He describes what he did while he worked for Jones-Day, and how he had a hand in making it the second largest law firm in the country. He then moves into his membership and involvement into the City Club. He spends much of the time describing the membership and direction of the City Club. He points to a change in the mid-1990s that became more welcoming to business members. He says the key points to…

Ione Briggs Interview, 2004

In this 2004 interview, Ione Briggs talks about racism and women’s issues in the City of Cleveland. Briggs discusses the role and impact of the Cleveland Chapter of the NAACP. She discusses the racism in city administration and the politics of working for the city. The later part of the interview includes discussion of the City Club. Brings discusses some of the memorable speakers at the City Club which included individuals such as Cesar Chavez, Robert Kennedy and Jane Fonda. She also talks…

Len Calabrese Interview, 2004

In this 2004 interview, Len Calabrese discusses his involvement in the City Club of Cleveland, Ohio. According to Calabrese, it is a place for community outreach, fostering community and diversity. He says, “I appreciate having a place where different viewpoints can be expressed.” A portion of the interview focuses on corporate and philanthropic contributions, membership and programming. During the interview, Calabrese also talks about memorable events and speakers. At the end of the interview,…