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Ann Fabens grew up on a farm in Tennessee. She left to attend college and there met her husband. Her husband's love of Cleveland eventually brought the new family to the area. Much of Fabens' life was spent volunteering with the Junior League and Rainbow Hospital. She vividly describes the experiences she had at her various volunteering…

John Bourne states that his third occupation is being a genealogist. Due to his affinity for ancestral research he provides a lengthy sweep of the Bourne family history and how they came to Cleveland. At a young age he started to work at Central National Bank and he worked himself up through the ranks. He eventually transferred to Bank One. He soon…

Allan Peskin describes his early childhood in Cumberland, Maryland, and his family's arrival in Cleveland and eventual settlement in Cleveland Heights. The interview offers a colorful insight into the life of a young Jewish man living in a suburb of Cleveland. Peskin vividly describes growing up in Cleveland Heights. The interview also highlights…

Jim Shipman is a life-long resident of Cleveland and in this interview he relates some of his experiences with downtown. Of particular note is the stories he relates to going to baseball games and rock concerts at Municipal Stadium, The Agora Theater, and The Hulabaloo Scene off of Lorain Ave. on the west side.

Jane Gardener shares her memories of downtown Cleveland since the 1960s, including stories about shopping at downtown department stores during the holidays, trips to the Agora and sports arenas, and experiences as a student at Cleveland State University.

Ray Herzog talks about his time in living around Cleveland and working downtown.

Rose Martin describes growing up in Lakewood and changes in both Lakewood and Cleveland since the 1940s.

Paul Martin describes growing up in Lakewood and changes in both Lakewood and Cleveland since the 1940s, his experiences during World War II, working for the Illuminating Company, and his feelings about the mayoral administration of Dennis Kucinich.

Elizabeth Billingsly speaks about her childhood in Birmingham, Alabama, and Cleveland during the beginning and height of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and onward.