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David Woldman interview, 03 July 2018

Dave Woldman recalls his experiences in the Heights during the 1960s through the 1970s. He grew up in a conservative Jewish home, but later embraced the counterculture movement and the alternative lifestyles particular to Coventry Village.

Bruce Hennes interview, 29 August 2018

Bruce Hennes first heard about Coventry Village in Cleveland Heights as a teenager living in Canton, Ohio. Soon after high school he moved to Coventry, planted his roots, and became heavily involved in the community. He shares his experiences with and perspectives on Coventry Neighbors Inc., Coventry Community Development Organization, Coventry Village Special Improvement District, and the Coventry Street Fair.

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Stan Kain and Steve Traina interview, 15 June 2017

In this interview Stan Kain, former owner and proprietor of La Cave – a 1960s-era folk and rock venue in the Doan's Corners (Euclid Avenue and East 105) neighborhood – reminisces about the club's genesis, its many seminal performers, and the evolving life of the immediate neighborhood. Stan is accompanied by Steve Traina, a former associate, radio host, and music promoter and historian, who is writing a book about La Cave.

Christopher Roy interview, 18 March 2015

Christopher Roy shares an extremely detailed account of his life growing up in Cleveland Heights. As Roy reflects on his childhood, he illuminates the changes that took place in the suburb during the 1960s and 1970s. Roy engages on a journey of Cleveland Heights' transformation from a place of ethnic enclaves to the rise of the counterculture. He provides such a well informed history of the neighborhood, while still emphasizing a child's most dearest memories of playgrounds, disengaged teachers…

Richard Turbow interview, 18 June 2011

Richard Turbow, resident of Coventry for 40 years, discusses the many changes that the area has gone through. Turbow paints a picture that chronicles Coventry's shift from Hippies to Punks to College Students. He mentions many restaurants, shops, and hangout places including Irv's, Tommy's, and Seesaw. He also makes mention of the Coventry Street fair. He points out that the changes in housing in University Circle caused more and more students to move to Coventry, which accounts for the…

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Christina Monreal interview, 24 October 2005

2005 interview of Christina Monreal, Canon Administrator of Trinity Cathedral. Ms. Monreal was an employee of the Cathedral since 1973 and recalled with great detail her memories of life at the Cathedral during that period and upon surrounding properties on Euclid, East 22nd Street, and Prospect. She described the change of the Church from a conservative institution established by Cleveland millionaires to a liberal community-minded institution in the 1970s and onward. She also described how the…