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Zachary Zak Interview, 9 July 2015

Zachary Zak of the Zak Funeral Home describes the history of the family business that began in 1890. He offers insights into successfully running a funeral home business, and describes the various changes experienced by his funeral home over several generations. He describes the the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood from his childhood through the revitalization efforts of the early 21st century.

Michelle Broome Interview, 26 Jun 2006

Michelle Broome discusses growing up in the Cleveland area, specifically the St. Clair and Superior neighborhood. She details her experiences growing up as well as her work in the community through the St. Clair Superior Development Corporation. Broome details the organizations impact on issues such as urban development, education, faith based organizations, and community safety. Not only a detailed overview of the past work of the organization, Broome forcasts the groups vision and plans for…

Sam Awad Interview, 17 July 2006

Sam Awad discusses his life here in Cleveland after moving here from Egypt as a teenager. He discusses his work history and how he purchased several businesses in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood. Among his concerns for the future of the area are a need for more police, a desire to see more home owners in the area, and a return to hard working mentality among Americans.

Carl Robson Interview, 12 July 2006

Carl Robson discusses his experiences as a doctor in Cleveland and elsewhere as well as his deep interest in Ethiopian culture and people. He has lived and worked in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood for several decades. Additionally, he discusses his philanthropic endeavors such as providing housing, jobs, and educations for numerous Ethiopians as well as running an Ethiopian restaurant here in Cleveland.

Urshelene Drewery Interview, 24 July 2006

Urshelene Drewery discusses the difficult times her and her family have endured during their years in Cleveland. She attributes much of what she has in her life to her spirituality and to god. She also discusses the decline of the St. Clair Superior neighborhood due to crime and how many of her neighbors help each other out. Several of the residents in the area hope a neighborhood garden will come to fruition.

Charles Blubaugh Interview, 19 April 2010

Charles Blubaugh of League Park Foods describes his life, including where he was born and how he came to the Superior & St. Clair community where he now resides. His wife, who is also present during the interview, gives her biographical information as well. Charles Blubaugh then describes his reasons for getting the grant to construct the vineyards. He also describes why he choose this plot of land in the Hough neighborhood. He then goes on to describe his hopes and goals for the vineyards.

Curtis Banks Interview, 12 April 2010

Mr. Curtis Banks discusses his past and future for Kosciuszko Avenue in Cleveland Ohio. He explains what his plans are for his site and how he came to Cleveland. He discusses how and why his father came to Cleveland in the first place and what the living conditions were when he arrived. He also explains how the history and culture of the area has changed through the years and what he intends to do to make it a better place to live in the future.