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George Havens interview, 27 October 2016

George Havens grew up in East Cleveland. He wrote a book about living in the area so much of this interview focuses on his childhood. The YMCA, Big Band era music, dancing and dating were important to Havens. He grew up during the Depression era and he explains how his family was affected. He highlights how fads that many thought would be around forever always seemed to fade like talkies, streetcars and Big Band dance music. He served in World War II and had his own advertising firm. Later in…

Jenifer B. Garfield interview, 25 October 2016

Jenifer Garfield grew up in New Orleans during the 1930s and 1940s. She describes growing up in the South. She moved to Cleveland after marrying a well-connected husband. She was involved in real estate and describes the changes in the Cleveland and Shaker Heights neighborhoods over the years. She and her husband were very involved in community organizations. She spends a considerable amount of time pinpointing where restaurants and businesses were in the Cedar Fairmount, Coventry, Shaker and…

Donald Grogan interview, 12 April 2005

Donald Grogan reflects on his family history with the Hanna Theater and the development of Play House Square, as well as urban development in Cleveland.

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Stan Jaffe Interview, 03 March 2008

Stan Jaffe, a native of Queens New York, and former CFO at Judson Manor, recounts the history of Judson and the unique concentration of cultural institutions within University Circle. He briefly discusses some of the negative perceptions of University Circle that may affect patronage of the area. He describes some of the direct effects that the loss of manufacturing has had on the Cleveland area, such as the deterioration of commercial districts including; downtown, Shaker Square and East 105th…

Ruth Graskemper Interview, 25 Aug 2006

Ruth Graskemper recalls her experiences with downtown Cleveland during her youth and how great it was to be in Cleveland at this time. In detail, she discusses Vaudeville at Playhouse Square, Christmas shopping, and how the downtown has changed.

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John Hemsath Interview, 2006

John Hemsath provides an in-depth retrospective of the history and evolution of Cleveland's Playhouse Square. Beginning with Vaudeville and spanning through the ongoing renovations and present, most subjects that relate to the theater are touched upon. However, a majority of the discussion revolves around issues pertaining to restoration and revitalization of the various theaters.

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Tom Einhouse Interview, 2005

In this 2005 interview, Thomas H. Einhouse, Vice President for Playhouse Square Real Estate Services, discusses his involvement with Playhouse Square as well as his personal upbringing in Lakewood, Ohio, in the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Einhouse has a business degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, and after working for a time with Belkin Productions in the early 1980s, began working at Playhouse Square. He discusses his involvement as the project director for the renovation of the Allen Theatre. He…

Thomas Rathburn Interview, 3 November 2005

In this 2005 interview, Thomas Rathburn, a native Clevelander and accountant, describes his history as a theater volunteer since the mid 1960s, especially his experiences since 1988 as a volunteer tour guide for Cleveland Playhouse Square. Mr. Rathburn is a Baldwin-Wallace graduate, and studied theater as a graduate student at Bowling Green State University. Mr. Rathburn tells stories about the history of Playhouse Square, including how the play Jacque Brell is alive and well in Paris saved…

Peter van Dijk Interview, 31 August 2006

Peter Van Dijk has worked as an architect in Cleveland since arriving in the city in 1961. In this 2006 interview, he talks about some of the architectural renovation projects on which he has worked, including the Huntington Bank restoration and his work in preserving the theaters at Playhouse Square. Van Dijk shares his general thoughts on Cleveland's architecture and development, lamenting the city's development mistakes and stressing that Cleveland's many assets have been misused. Missed…

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