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Jesse Johnson, a retired sergeant first class, was a leader in a local union. He describes his early experiences and how the United States changed after he came back from the war in Korea. He also mentions the riots that occurred in the 1960s, which changed Clevelanders' perception of race relations. He describes various injustices in workplaces…

Grace Lee Mims discusses her upbringing in Alabama and her life path that brought her to Cleveland. Mims became the head librarian of Glenville High School and emphasizes the importance of black history. Mims also is a music teacher at the Music Settlement in University Circle and, in this interview, shares her passion for spirituals and jazz.

Dennis Woods discusses his time as a teacher and baseball coach at Glenville High School.

Clara Nelson moved from Virginia to Glenville as a child. She went to Miles Standish and Glenville HS. Afterwards, she became a postal service carrier.

Doug Patterson grew up near Columbia in Glenville. He moved to Glenville when he was 8. After school he became the head of an entertainment booking company.

Marjorie Pyles-Hearst moved to Glenville from Kentucky as a child. She was actively involved in Glenville, especially Glenville High School, where she was crowned homecoming queen. Glenville High School inspired her to be a teacher. She was a teacher in NYC, and then moved back to Cleveland, where she lives in Cleveland Heights now.

Leo Martin grew up in Glenville, living on Empire as well as e. 120th, until he moved after high school. He met his wife through friends at Glenville High School, and they have been married for 42 years.

Lilian Pyles is the sister of Majorie Pyles-Hearst. Lilian was her older sister. They moved to Cleveland from Kentucky, and later on in her life she moved to NYC. She moved back to Cleveland in her later adult years.