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Kenneth H. Cooley, longtime Cleveland resident and native, discusses how Cleveland has changed over the years. He recalls being a kid and growing up in the Cedar Fairfax neighborhood. There he worked as grocery delivery boy where he got exposed to houses of prostitution, but he did not realize where he was until many years later. He continues by…

Dionne Thomas Carmichael discusses growing up in the Fairfax area, the changes in the community and her hopes for its future

Gregory Roberts recalls growing up in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. He remembers the businesses and unity of the community and looks forward to what the future holds for the area.
Subjects: Fairfax Oral History

Paul Lewis recalls his life in the Fairfax neighborhood, growing up during segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, the ways in which the community has changed, and what must be done to better the area.
Subjects: Fairfax Oral History

Margaret Peacock grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Her father worked for the railroad and her mother was a homemaker. She went to Wittenberg University were she met her husband Larry. They married when they were juniors. Peacock describes her involvement with organizations for black students at Wittenberg. After college, the Peacocks moved to Cleveland…

Mr. Gardner discusses his lengthy involvement with non profit organizations and community projects. His current involvement with the Quebec Serenity Gardens and a connector pathway within the Fairfax neighborhood are discusses against the backdrop of the Reimagining Cleveland Grant. The steps involved in applying for the grants, designing a worthy…