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Joe Hannibal traces his role at CNHM and his field experience in the region to cultural geology. He explains how research techniques can reveal facts about life and environment in prehistoric time and more recent. He also tells the story of the region's prevalent stone formations present in our Metropark locations.

Harvey Webster relates several local wildlife stories within the context of the role of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's relationship/partnership with the local Metroparks. CNHM acts as the curator and educator and assists with the parks role in the preservation and sustainment of wildlife and nature. Webster provides many and varied…

Harvey Webster is the Director of Wildlife Resources at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH). Webster provides the history of CMNH and highlights the importance of the institution to northeast Ohio, nationally, and globally. From the experience he gained studying endangered animal species; specifically birds of prey, Webster provides…

Christine Freitag, curator of Botany at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and native of Akron talks about her work with Ohio's conservation effort, focusing primarily on the the impact on the natural landscape, wildlife, and environment in the region.