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Bob joined the CHC in 2014 and became very active very quickly. He discusses his work as camp chair and his hopes for what camp should become.

Bob McLaughlin recounts how he joined the Cleveland Hiking Club, his years as camp chair, trips to Niagara Falls, Kentucky, Redwoods, and day trips in Ohio, how he led Hobo Hikes for many years, and changes in the club over the years.

Sharon Horvath, a self-described tomboy in her youth, felt that rediscovered her childhood when she joined the Cleveland Hiking Club. She describes some of the more challenging hikes, her wedding to a fellow member at camp, the steak roast that they hosted for many years, improvements at the camp, leading trips, and the personal benefits she has…

Dave and Denise Tobiasz joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1994. They discuss a number of trips that they led, some of the funny things that happened on those trips, and some of the special people they met in the club including Emily Gregor and Jim Sprague. They talk about changes over the years, weekend getaways, and how much behind-the-scenes…

Rob Pryor, co-owner of Record Revolution, provides a history of the legendary Coventry store and describes Coventry's youth culture in the 1980s and 1990s.

George Fitzpatrick, artist and former manager of Heights Arts Theater, describes some of the Coventry characters that he ran into over the years working on and patronizing the commercial strip. Coventry, for Fitzpatrick, was an exciting, vibrant place for the young to be free to experiment, take risks, be creative, and grow into themselves.

Sisters Rebecca and Christina Attenson share their memories of growing up in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights and owning the store Attenson's Antiques and Books on Coventry Road. Although the self-described hippies have grown up, their legacy lingers in Coventry's commercial district where the bizarre is never surprising.

Alan Rapoport, former Mayor of Cleveland Heights and active community member, discusses how Cleveland Heights and, more particularly, Coventry changed from the 1960s through to the present. From his tenure on City Council and heavy involvement in the local community organization Coventry Neighbors Inc., he describes key initiatives, events, and…

Dave Woldman recalls his experiences in the Heights during the 1960s through the 1970s. He grew up in a conservative Jewish home, but later embraced the counterculture movement and the alternative lifestyles particular to Coventry Village.

Jewel Murphy-Kirkland describes her life in the Moreland neighborhood, including the neighborhood, proximity of shops to their home, the help the city provided to homeowners, the importance of East View Church, and her work as a nurse practitioner.

James Chin, an immigration lawyer, describes growing up in the Shaker Heights community. He discusses his family's businesses, living in the back of his mother's laundromat, and his involvement with the community as an immigration lawyer.

Miriam Rosenberg grew up in the Moreland community. She shares stories about being involved in Dr. Spock's program, the close friendships she made living in the neighborhood, and attending the Moreland schools.

Donna M. Whyte speaks about the importance of the education system in Shaker Heights, specifically Moreland, to her decision to move to and remain in Moreland. She also discusses the importance of community and identity in this interview.

Jewel Murphy Kirkland discusses her experiences living in Shaker Heights and the Moreland neighborhood. In this interview, she discusses some of the difficulties living in Moreland as an African American, the importance of the Shaker school system, and the demographic of Moreland.

Steven A. Minter was President and Executive Director of The Cleveland Foundation for almost 20 years. In this interview, he discusses his life growing up in the Moreland community, his involvement in the Shaker school system, and education.

Pierre Bejjani came to Cleveland In 1981 to pursue a degree in civil engineering, but due to the war in Lebanon he decided to stay. He met his wife in college and they have one daughter. Pierre is very involved in the Arab and the American communities. He is serving as the executive editor of “News Profile” and the president of CAMEO and the…

Tom Stebel talks about his experience growing up as a gay man in the Cleveland area. He talks about his move to the West Coast as well as his return to Cleveland in the early 1990s. He also discusses his volunteer work in the LGBTQ community, particularly his experience with the AIDS epidemic. In addition, he speaks about various community groups…

Welcome to the second entry in our two-part series exploring the development of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. The episode begins in the late-twentieth century – a time of neighborhood uncertainty. It culminates in a discussion about gentrification and current state of Detroit Shoreway. Written and produced by Sarah Nemeth, Graduate Student of…
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Marcia Steffen shares her passion for math, and her love of the outdoors and the Cleveland Hiking Club. She worked at NACA, which later became known as NASA. Once she joined the CHC, she hiked, led hikes, and was an officer.

Norma Delp joined the Cleveland Hiking Club in 1987. She talks about her musical family, her early work history at Cleveland Pneumatic Tool, and joining the club. She is very involved with long hike support (26 and 40-mile hikes) and keeping the CHC camp in good shape. She also talks about special old-time members.