Cleveland German-American Oral History Project

The Cleveland German-American Oral History Project was conceived of and directed by Dr. Mark B. Cole with funding from the Cleveland Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center and the Michael Schwartz Library at CSU. The goal of this oral history collection is to not only safeguard the unique stories of Cleveland's Danube Swabians and other ethnic German groups, but also to preserve these invaluable resources for future researchers seeking to learn about the social, cultural, and economic impact of immigration on Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.



  • Mark B. Cole
  • Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University


  • Ernest Biebel
  • Michael Baumgartner
  • Krista Fuchs
  • Horst Hoyer
  • Heike Haddenbrock
  • Maria Huppert
  • Luisa Owen-Lang
  • Emil Wagner
  • George Welker
  • Reinhold Federmann
  • Anna Welker
  • Frank Awender
  • Ema Fuchs
  • Hertha Hetzel
  • Elsa Arsic
  • Brigitte Kiemschies
  • Gretl May Rein
  • Leonhard May
  • George Hornung
  • Hilde Hornung
  • Helga Schlothauer
  • Barbara Hermes
  • Erika Wagner


  • Cecelia Brunecz
  • Deborah Parcham
  • Hannah Donaldson
  • Madison Waldvogel
  • Bill Franklin
  • Michael Welker
  • Lanie Wellner
  • Conrad Hornung
  • Tatiana Hornung
  • Michael Fritz Welker